“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” — Jim Rohn

This is so true about yoga. It’s all about the habit, or the practice. The dedication to keep coming back to your mat day after day regardless if you are in the mood or have time. Those days seem to be the days that the practice makes the difference, getting you out of a funk, providing new energy or opening your eyes to opportunity. The opportunity is always there, it’s just a matter if you are looking for it.

This year I’ve been taking my yoga mat on the road. It’s been an opportunity to experience different kinds of yoga with new teachers and communities.

Some may not understand my passion for this practice performed on a 71” long piece of biodegradable tree rubber. I’m ok with it because it’s not about them. For too long, I have lived with the idea that it mattered what others thought and not taking the time to listen to that inner voice. That time spent on the mat reminds me what’s important, what I’m feeling and giving me the strength, courage and inspiration to grow in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s about being in those poses you feel like your body is going to shake to the ground and breathing through it because in the real world, you can either break or breathe through it.

I want to breathe.

Not only does yoga provide relief and release, it creates connection, opens the doorway to balance, an opportunity to slow down and appreciate where you are, be in the present moment. It’s amazing what you can do by being completely, fully present.

I travel quite a bit for work and since I started practicing regularly, I started bringing yoga on the road with me. It started with visits back to my home studio in Michigan – Center for Yoga in Birmingham, MI. Their community class sparked that love for yoga and continued to build. Then I moved to Colorado – finding a yoga studio is like trying to find love. First impressions. Finding an environment that feels right, allows you to let go and instructors that create that space.

It’s funny how my first impression at CorePower Yoga created this path. After three C1 classes, the beginner class, I remember thinking I could teach this sequence after not understanding why it was the same flow. I was bored. I didn’t want to know what was coming next. I wanted to be told what to do but I wanted to be challenged because it was always different. Oh, how things change. After trying a few different yoga studios and classes and finding myself with more time, I was ready for CorePower Yoga and before I knew it – I was enrolled in the teacher training program. I never expected to be a yoga instructor. Before 2008, I didn’t think about yoga other than a class I attended with my friend Lauren and remember that it bothered both of our shoulders. No thank you downward facing dog.

Now downward facing dog is a daily necessity whether I’m home or on the road. So here I will share some of my stories & breakthroughs, on and off the mat.

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