The Heart

“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”

~Judith Campbell

I’m trying to do better than just take notes. When I make up my mind, my heart, to do something, I’m all in. And the latest endeavor – Anahata Movement – is something I’m so excited about. It makes it seem like everything that has been happening has been leading up to this.

Anahata refers to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra (chakras are the concept of energy focuses within the body). All that this chakra stands for truly embraces our intention. It is associated with touch and actions of the hands that represents making decisions by “following your heart”. We paired Anahata with “movement” for a few reasons. Movement can represent the physical act of moving; yoga is often called a moving meditation because of the physical postures. It can also refer to a social movement. Our focus is to provide time and space for our guests to decompress and find or further come into a content, peaceful mindset.

I didn’t even know my business partner Mallory a year ago. We met in the lobby of CorePower Yoga after one of my classes. And it turns out like a number of people I meet in Colorado, she was from Michigan.

Fast forward a few months later and Mal sends me a message wanting to talk about something. Before we get together, I already know what she’s going to ask – would I be interested in hosting a yoga retreat.

Before I know it we are researching locations, narrowing it down and booking a flight to Cahuita, Costa Rica. It all seemed surreal. There was nothing better than walking along the black sand beaches, hearing the howler monkeys as we explored the rain forest and played around in the yoga spaces. 

Every year I choose a word to embody the intention of the next 365 days. This year’s word is Magic. While sometimes I struggle to find the magic in every moment – the effort is at least there – Costa Rica made it easy to capture the magic.

Waking up to the sounds of the howler monkeys – It seriously sounds like what I would imagine dinosaurs sound like. I woke up one morning to a parrot singing Skip, Skip, Skip.  It was one moment after another of anticipation from the Costa Rican coffee with fresh coconut milk, the locally grown food and even our hosts – Jacqueline & Marcello – made us feel at home.

The best was they were hosting a yoga teacher training group so we were welcommed by a group of people from all over the world. It was a great way to gain insight into the resort and this area of Costa Rica.

Now with five people signed up for our retreat so far, I’m looking forward to October … to creating an experience that allows them to get back in touch with themselves away from the chaos of everyday life … a chance to reconnect with their breath, nature and the song of their heart.

What’s your heart saying?

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