Cafe Gratitude

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ❤

This morning’s class centered around expressing gratitude for setting aside these 60 minutes for you, for your practice. I took two days away from my own practice to teach and prep for the upcoming BootCamp and this morning I noticed the extreme need to breathe, stretch, twist and let go of everything I continue to hold onto. I love that saying of letting go of what is not serving you. Just wish it was as easy as saying I’m done, I let go. Moving on. But like most things, the process continues.

So when I was in San Francisco nearly a month ago, I made sure to hit up Cafe Gratitude. For those that know me, I’m slightly obsessed with Jason Mraz and have been reading about this place for years. The best part was we literally had to walk 4 miles to get there (so even more grateful to have gotten there).

The place itself is so adorable and inviting:


And the servers always pose their gratitude questions of the day. Today’s questions are:

Donde estas siendo que es mejor alla?
Where are you being that it is better over there?

I am being in that happy place, envisioning myself back on the beaches in Costa Rica … hanging out in a hammock, swinging in the breeze with the sun shining down on my face, holwer monkeys calling back and forth to one another and the crashing of the waves…. I am being grateful and loving, towards myself and others. I am being where I want to be.

Que has estado aprendiendo?
What have you been learning?

I have been learning to live the potential, to trust that it works out and to enjoy the ebb and flow.

These questions always cause great reflection and while I was there, I found their creative planner – 366 days of thought-provoking questions and opportunities to appreciate the day, life, world.


In what ways, do you express your gratitude?

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