Beautiful Endings

“A beautiful ending is about leaving old thoughts and habits behind and being reborn into something new. Thus, a beautiful ending is not the end, but a new start.”
– Ven. Beop Jeong

As I sit on this plane from Phoenix to Detroit after being re-routed and flying out of the way in order to reach my destination, I guess that’s a bit symbolic for the way life is these days. Dave Matthews’ So Damn Lucky plays on iTunes while I browse through some journal entries from the yoga teacher training program. It all started about a year and a half ago and these thoughts are old. The habits are from the past. The whole process was better than any therapy session – it was truly a new start.

The old thoughts creep in from time to time, memories return at random moments, nostalgia happens and sometimes the days replay while my eyes are closed and subconscious is working overtime. It’s in those moments that despite what may have or haven’t been my life, your life, the one thing that matters is what is now. Maybe the conversations of love/forgiveness/the turning point never happen, and it’s ok. And maybe it wasn’t the beautiful ending that Ven. Beop Jeong writes of – it was abrupt, messy, raw and broken – but the ability to grow from that is beautiful.

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