“What I dream of is an art of balance.”
– Henri Matisse

It’s been quite challenging to find the balance on this trip – balance of time spent with family and friends vs. work, time spent catching up on sleep vs. working it out on the mat and time on the go vs. time to let go.

So I decided to go back to where my love for yoga began – Center for Yoga – this morning.  Though it’s always a bit different because it’s a new space and not a class I ever went to while I lived here but it was the teacher I always followed. And today, it was following along as he practiced to : Following the Yogi.

I don’t know why I notice all these judgements regarding this place I used to call home compared to the other studios I visit while on the road. Maybe because it’s closer to the heart and the expectations have already been set.

The practice room was quiet and only five students including myself. The breath sounded like ocean waves. It was an interesting flow of vinyasa for 30 minutes before we found ourselves for a number of seated forward folds. I enjoyed the change of pace despite my balance being way off for the 6 am start. It’s funny though in the majority of classes, you get what you need: a chance to stretch, clear your mind and just be with yourself, your thoughts.

Where can you enjoy more balance in your life?  


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