Trust30: Day 14 – One Thing

Do your work, and I shall know you. Do your work, and you shall reinforce yourself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Take a moment, step back from your concerns, and focus on one thing: You have one life to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Sounds simple, but when you really focus on it, let it seep into your consciousness, you realize you only have about 100 years to get every single thing you’ve ever wanted to do. No second chances. This is your only shot. Suddenly, this means you should have started yesterday. No more waiting for permission or resources to start. Today is the day you make the rest of your life happen. Write down one thing you’ve always wanted to do and how you will achieve that goal. Don’t be afraid to be very specific in how you’ll achieve it: once you start achieving, your goals will get bigger and your capability to meet them will grow.
(Author: Colin Wright)
I have fallen behind. For whatever reasons even my discipline is just not strong enough yet to keep writing. It’s not that I want to but sometimes it’s just hard to find the right words. Even though I know they say do it regardless of whether you want to or not. Just like the yoga practice but writing, for me, is different. That is the one thing I want to do.
There’s a whole bucket list of other things I want to do … and I’ve made some more headway into accomplishing those. This Sunday, I’ll take that hot air balloon ride I’ve wanted to do … In just 11 days I will be starting a job that will lead me to a few more bucket list checks … And I’m always adding … soon enough I’ll be hosting my first yoga retreat with a best friend and am excited that we are one person away from booking our flights!
So back to the writing. Life, in some ways, should be slowing down in the forseeable future. This will open up the opportunity to write, tap into that creative side and allow that some time to get lost in the moment. All I can keep doing is trying … and instead of thinking about it, write … and write some more.
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