One Week

Begin to believe in yourself,
the answers will find you.
If you trust that the answers can and will find you,
it begins to lessen the reliance on your ego-driven need to figure it all out.

One week from today I will beginning another journey … one that I’ve been planning on for quite some time. I will start a life coaching certification program. While right now may not be the best timing for committing to a 12-month program, and I may not be exactly where I want to be in my own life … it is exactly the right time to dig in and continue to do the work to get better, to help others get better.

This week I read this article that said: Do you want to be pulled by your future or driven by your past?

What a powerful question and that’s the thing I love about life coaching. It doesn’t matter about your past. It only matters about the future and what you are willing to put into making it the one you want. Are you willing to do the work? If so, I’ll be here to help.





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