Living Consciously

When did you last ask yourself what you really want?

You tore yourself away from TV, Facebook and the multitude of life’s distractions to pause quietly. You asked, “What do I really want?, ” and really took the time to dig deeply.

You decided on a clear desire, created a plan to fulfill that want and then held yourself accountable to it. You looked beyond your current situation and discovered a new world of possibilities. Your perspective shifted, so life shifted and transformation occurred.

This is what a life coach can help you do.

Life coaching is a tool to help people find forward, focused action. It keeps the learning process alive, and takes someone from where they are now to where they want to go.

The process begins with a client and coach designing an alliance. This partnership is cleary defined to create an effective working relationship. The client plays a critical role in declaring how he or she wants to be coached. This then empowers the relationship and sets the foundation for the client to decide the agenda – what exactly do they want to be coached on?

An individual may choose to be coached in a number of areas, be it work, relationships, health, personal growth, balance, creative expression or money, to name a few. This agenda can change from session to session, and sometimes even while in session.

Life coaching is still catching on. There are questions about what it is and what it is not:

1 – Therapy  
Therapy is the understanding of pathology of past and current decisions. It states there is a problem. Therapists are trained to diagnose emotional problems and work with clients to heal the emotional wounds.

A life coach is not a therapist. You can talk openly and freely to one, but do not expect a diagnosis.

2 – Consulting
Consultants bring specific skills, experience and analytical processes to a situation. They are paid to understand a problem and provide workable solutions in the business realm.

A life coach is not a consultant. There may be times when he or she can share a specific skill or experience, but there is no attachment to the idea that it’s the right answer for you. The information is presented as one of numerous options the client may consider during the coaching process.

3 – Mentor
A mentor is someone with more experience in a specific subject who advises or assists someone seeking more knowledge through the relationship.

A life coach is not a mentor, per se, but like a mentor, can serve as your own personal cheerleader. He or she will encourage you to look inside yourself for the answers.

4 – Athletic Coach
An athletic coach develops an athlete’s performance on and off the field, which is then usually measured by wins and losses.

When a person thinks of a coach, the first thought is often of someone behind the bench, coaching a team to victory. While life coaches may encourage and challenge their clients, the process is different and the focus isn’t necessarily athletic.

What life coaching is:
It’s all about you and what you hope to achieve. The relationship with your coach reminds you of your strengths and offers you insight into your thoughts and behavior to support you in moving forward.

A coach will use aspects of personal improvement practices like visualization, creating mission statements and exploring areas of your life at a deeper level through charting. The identifying characteristic of life coaching is that the client is encouraged to find their own answers to the questions they ask. Many times this can happen between sessions.

Coaching provides a greater focus on and awareness of the choices available, which can accelerate an individual’s progress. It helps clients overcome obstacles by re-framing patterns of thoughts and behaviors that aren’t aligned with who they want to be and where they want to go.

Life coaching meets you where you are right now, helps you get clear on what you want and takes you there.

What do you really want?

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