Living in the Moment: 2012 Summer List

I simply love creating lists. And what I might love even more is crossing things off a list.

Noticing that my focus has still been on finding comfort in the transition, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun of summer and what’s truly important to me. I notice that when I write things down, I’m more accountable to myself to actually follow through with them.

While I have more than 10 in my head of what I really want to experience the rest of the summer as, here’s my list as it is:

1. Find a Place to Live
2. Day trip to Port Austin
3. Go Paddle Boarding (scheduled)
4. Paddle Board Yoga (completed July 6)
5. Host a Yoga in the Park with LIVE music
6. Go canoeing
7. Go sailing
8. Get my running mileage up to 10 miles
9. Complete the 21-day meditation challenge (day 3 completed!!)
10. Traverse City Weekend

See something you want to do as well – let me know and we might do it together.

Tell me … what’s on your list?

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One Response to Living in the Moment: 2012 Summer List

  1. Amy says:

    You know I’m in for your TC weekend 🙂

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