Perspective Shifts

It’s interesting how a tragedy, even one that doesn’t happen to you, can help put your life in perspective.

It can help you see beyond the wants to the needs and recognize what your heart is truly saying.

I woke up this morning to the horrific news out of Aurora, Colo.

I didn’t know her and yet my heart breaks for her and her family. My heart is heavy for her potential that was cut way too short, her dreams and all of those experiences that make a life. I’m referring to Jessica Redfield.

Colorado has had a rough month between the fires and now this shooting.

And it’s just incredible to think she escaped death a month earlier in the Toronto Eaton Center shooting.

This tragedy has me in the frame of mind to keep asking myself all of these questions: How can someone do something like this? How a simple decision to go see a movie could change the rest of your life? Why is someone’s impact more recognized after they are gone? And what is stopping us from living our dreams right NOW because who knows what tomorrow may bring – or even the next five minutes.

Not everyone is as lucky to have the time to pursue their dreams because their time is cut short. Today I am inspired by the life Jessica has lived and will take another step in my dream to honor her life.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the shooting. May love and peace return to you with more strength during this heartbreaking time.

Much love.

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