I am a happier person than I often allow myself to be.
This statement was written a couple of years ago and still bursts with moments of truth. Among the to-do lists, my mind grew up chasing the next goal. I’d be happy once I graduated college and started my career. And when I got there, I’d be happy when I made more money and bought a house … and even happier when I found the right guy, etc.
I was on a treadmill towards destination happy. There were fleeting moments of satisfaction along the journey but I was getting in my own way.
Why is this permission so hard to grant? What other permissions are you waiting for someone else to grant you before taking action?
Until I got into yoga, I didn’t give myself that permission to listen to what was really in my heart let alone do anything about it.
That’s why a 71” long piece of biodegradable tree rubber has become one of my most prized possessions.
Some people might not understand the passion. That’s ok because it’s not about them. For far too long, I have lived with the idea that it mattered what others thought and disregarded my own needs and wants. That time on the mat reminds me of what’s important, what I’m feeling and gives me space, strength, courage and inspiration to grow in ways I couldn’t have even imaged before.
It’s about being in the moment, holding poses that make you feel like your body is going to shake to the ground and breathing through it because in the real world, you can either break or bend & breathe through it.
This practice creates an awareness of your body and its connection to the mind.
“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.” – Irene Claremont de Castillejo
The body never lies. Tuning into it can open up valuable information you have about decisions and the truth about what you are feeling.
Take this moment to tune into it. What is your body telling you right now? What are you noticing about your body in this moment?
And then give yourself permission to hear it, to learn from it.
You are allowed.
You are allowed to define your own path.
You are allowed to set your own pace for the life you want to live.
You are allowed to mess up.
You are allowed to forgive yourself.
You are allowed to change your mind again and again.
You are allowed to be who you want to be.
Where do you get in your own way and prolong your fulfillment? What information is your body providing around this?
The only permission you need is the one you grant yourself. You deserve it. You are allowed.
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