Show Up

There are days, much like today, when it’s the start of the work week and all I can do is put my head down and punch away at the keyboard to try and ‘catch up’ on my work despite working all weekend.

Then there’s a day like today.

Nothing happened to me. It was more simple than that. It was a shift in perspective.

Today, I showed up.

There’s a difference between physically showing up and mentally showing up – or dare I say both at the same time? 

I was physically there this morning but mentally thinking ahead. It wasn’t until I got to the hospital to visit an old co-worker that my future met my past so I could fully be present. Seeing someone who I haven’t seen in years in a vulnerable state reminds me of the power of showing up. I wasn’t asked nor expected and it’s not about points for being there but about the willingness to care, to honor this person who has had an impact on my life and to share love.

When it’s all said and done, the to-do list on my desk at work isn’t going to matter. The extra tweet or creative idea for Facebook will be long forgotten, but the way you get to make someone feel in a moment of uncertainty is forever remembered and cherished.

Often times it’s so easy to caught up in the daily have-to’s and should’s that I forget the impact of showing up, not just for myself but for the other person. The impact of what it’s like to put your phone away, your computer and give someone your undivided attention. 

These moments shouldn’t surprise me, but they still do. 

When do you show up? 



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One Response to Show Up

  1. Vince Brooks says:

    Well thought out. Many people get so caught up in “themselves” that they don’t realize that they are not really living, but just being.

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