Garage Sale of the Heart

“It feels like a garage sale in your heart and you want to start selling pieces off,” – Tristan Prettyman

I took myself on a date this weekend.

There were no awkward holes in the conversation, no wondering if there would be a kiss at the end of the night or getting too ahead of myself in thinking what the future may hold.

Instead there was inspiration listening to the talented Tristan Prettyman. Nothing like live music to speak to your soul and take the words right out of your heart. We all want to be loved, who doesn’t? But we want someone to fill us up, to hurry up the process and be connected in a relationship overnight that we skip the foundation. I say we – I can’t speak for you – I mean me.

Not to say that is always true but it seems to happen over and over again. It’s easier to let life happen than being conscious of how each decision you make or don’t make impacts your life.

And as I was swaying to the music on Friday, it occurred to me that this night was perfect. It was perfect to be alone, to be listening to this artist and not wishing for anything more in that moment. The music connected us and for tonight, that was enough.

While that moment has passed, I’m dreaming of my second date.

Where would you take yourself on a date?


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