Be Unreasonable

I just watched a man walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon on a two-inch thick cable. 

Not only did he do this successfully without a net or safety harness, he completed it just under 23 minutes on faith. 

Unbelievable and most certainly unreasonable. 

That’s been the theme of the weekend. Friday started with Landmark’s Advanced Course. One of the key encouragements is “Be Unreasonable.” 

And to experience the things we want to in our lives, we must be unreasonable. But if you are anything like me, it’s a challenge to always step out of being reasonable – having a ‘good’ reason for why you are doing what you are doing instead of just doing whatever it is you want to do. People other than you can be unreasonable … you think you need to do things a certain way. 

A man walked 1,500 feet across the Colorado River Gorge, 1,500 feet above the gorge floor. 

Incredibly unreasonable. He had the courage to believe and the actions to fulfill that dream.

I want to encourage you to be unreasonable – pick one area of you life. Invent a new possibility. Share your unreasonable dream and begin to plan the unreasonable actions necessary to make it happen. Then like Nik Wallenda, start putting one foot in front of another, have faith and continue to be unreasonable. 


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