#MyWish for Today

#MyWish for today is that you don’t allow fear to hold you back from starting over even if it means taking a few steps backwards. Create a future to work towards. 


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4 Responses to #MyWish for Today

  1. Lindy Jordan says:

    Is that your kitchen?

    Where abouts have you gone traveling to practise yoga?


    • Hi Lindy! And yes – my kitchen is being redone 🙂 I have traveled to Costa Rica (hosted a retreat there in 2011!) and pretty much practice everywhere I go … Utah, Colorado, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Vermont, New York, California … Haven’t been to Bali yet – how are you liking it??

      • Lindy Jordan says:

        Wow, that is neat that you hosted a retreat in Costa Rica!

        you must love to travel! How did you like Czech? I was there a few years back and absolutely loved the culture.

        Bali is beautiful! I have found the people here to be very hospitable, they really would do anything for you. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you are doing the locals will great you with a huge smile.

        I would highly suggest making sure Bali is on your list of places to see 🙂


      • Awesome! Will do. I enjoyed Czech though wish I had had more time to see more – was there for a hockey tournament. Thanks, Lindy!

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