Yoga is a Journal for the Body


Yoga is a journal for the body.

Unrolling my mat is much like opening a brand new journal. The mat represents possibility and becomes your paper and your body the pen that moves along writing the story of today’s practice. No one may understand your expression and yet your movement is for you. It is your raw beauty, anger, courage, frustration, love, vulnerability, sadness and connection. The mat is an invitation to move through it, to open yourself so deeply that you are encouraged to live your life in this powerful way off the mat. I want more, I give more, I love more, I connect more, I appreciate more and listen more – all from this space. And what I notice in my body is that it is lighter, my heart and head feels lighter after I’ve moved and surrendered to this idea of how things need to be.

Like the written word, this movement is yours. Its expression is simple and complicated and no one has to understand it. It becomes your path to connecting to the best parts of you and offers you the freedom to be yourself.

What does your practice teach you?

UPCOMING EVENT COMBINING YOGA, JOURNALING & COACHING: Join Katie Dalebout from The Wellness Wonderland & Kacee Must from Citizen Yoga on Saturday, May 10 in The Power of 3 Workshop in Royal Oak, MI. We will practice, journal and participate in coaching exercises. 


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