#LiveOutLoudEveryday Instagram Challenge



With summer coming to a close, I would like to introduce to you the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Instagram Challenge. There’s enough negativity in the world and I wanted to create something that would help build connection, inspire personal growth and increase the expression of love in your life as we head into the fall. This past year for me has been focused on leadership as I’ve been in The Coaches Training Institute’s Leadership Program and taking responsibility for the way we experience our world.  These themes for the next 30 days are about living out loud, showing up as you are without apology and living YOUR life! Day 1 is: Intention. Much like we set an intention in yoga, here’s your chance to set an intention for the next 30 days and have a community here to help remind you and hold you accountable. Day 2: Permission. What do you need to give yourself permission to truly live out loud? These daily themes are meant to be an invitation to leave your comfort zone. Allow this to inspire you to stretch beyond your current story. Please tag me in your posts @inspiredbymovement and use the hashtag #LiveOutLoudEveryday as well as the daily challenge hashtag for all 30 days and you will be eligible to get a free hour-long coaching session to help build upon the work you are doing this month!  I can’t wait to be inspired by all of you!  

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