#LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge: Day 4 – #Love

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Day 4: #Love of the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge
“Love is the free exercise of choice.” – M. Scott Peck
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that love isn’t just about being apart of a couple. It’s about all the different relationships we have: family, friends, strangers even and most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves. When I think about love, it’s about showing up, bringing all of you – hopes, dreams, fears, mistakes, all of it – and choosing love. It’s letting go of everything we put in our ways to think we can not love or be loved and remembering that we are all human, we all make mistakes and we all do want to be loved. It can be that simple when you remember that the person standing in front of you once was a child and fight their own battles, just like you
I challenge you (and myself) to continue to take this off social media and notice when you are choosing love in your interactions today. When you notice that you haven’t chosen love, bring some of that in and just notice how much more ease and magic is in your day. Let me know how it goes so we can celebrate the love we are choosing. 
Today, take a picture of something or someone that you choose to love and make sure to tag @inspiredbymovement #LiveOutLoudEveryday #Love in your post today! 
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