Day 14: #Connection of the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge:

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Day 14: #Connection of the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge:

“When you find yourself craving connection with another, look inside and check whether you haven’t in fact disconnected from yourself,” – Sidonie Bouchet
Feeling connected fuels us. It starts with you and extends out to your home, your job and your community. Each moment of your day you have an opportunity to connect and if you think about it, it’s a matter of choice on your part and opening yourself up to being connected. It might be as simple as a smile exchanged with a stranger, a hug with a friend or a great conversation with someone you haven’t seen in awhile.
Sometimes it’s as simple as practicing yoga and reconnecting with yourself, slowing down enough to remember what it is you are doing with your life and why. It might be holding a lover’s hands or reading a book to a child. Today, connection showed up at New Species when I showed up to teach. Fifteen people made it out today to stretch, breath and connect with the tribe this box has created.
So, tell me — what’s connection for you today? Make sure to tag @inspiredbymovement #Connection #LiveOutLoudEveryday
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