Day 15: #Courage of the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge


Day 15: #Courage of the #LiveOutLoudEveryday Challenge

“Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow,” – Norman Vincent Peale
Life requires courage. It’s the choice of feeling your fear and choosing to do something anyway. If you think about it, you have probably been more courageous in your life than you realize – that time you went for a job you were afraid you weren’t qualified for and maybe even afraid you would get; public speaking; asking someone out; jumping out of a plane; even following your heart and sharing yourself with the world. It might have been as simple as wearing something completely out of your comfort zone.
I was thinking back about when I threw my heart over the fence and let the universe handle the rest. My friend Mallory and I created Anahata Movement to host our first yoga retreat in Costa Rica. We had both created events before but never had we put ourselves out there to take a group of people to another country and share yoga with them. It was such a magical experience of working with someone, bringing a group together to create a ripple effect and inspiring that courage to come out of each of them. If it weren’t for the courage each of us had to choose to do this big thing, we would never have experienced what was built out of it.
It’s time to throw your heart over the fence, take a photo of #Courage and tag @inspiredbymovement #LiveOutLoudEveryday.
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