Day 25: ‪#‎UpsideDown‬ of the ‪#‎LiveOutLoudEveryday‬ Challenge


Day 25: ‪#‎UpsideDown‬ of the ‪#‎LiveOutLoudEveryday‬ Challenge

“I’m interested when things are upside down – because there are so many possibilities in that one moment. There is a lot that is exposed.” – Anna Deavere Smith

Getting upside down has a ton of benefits: reversing the blood flow, improving circulation, increasing immunity, energizing and relaxing the body and mind. And it doesn’t mean you have to balance on your hands or head – it’s just a matter of getting the head below the heart. It also inspires letting go of the seriousness and bringing in fun.

When things feel stuck or I need to switch up my way of thinking, my go-to is getting my body upside down. Your body knows what it wants so maybe one day it’s handstand or a cartwheel, another day it could be legs up the wall or downward facing down. Last night after working on inversions with someone at New Species Crossfit, I gave headstand a try without hands for the first time. It’s a challenging pose and I used the support of the wall as I wasn’t sure how it’d feel on my neck or head (there was definitely pressure) and I didn’t hold it that long but long enough to snap this pic.

I want to encourage you to get #upsidedown today & to be careful with yourself when you do. Tag @inspiredbymovement #LiveOutLoudEveryday

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