Healthy Alternatives

I’m the type of person that is willing to try most things once, especially if it’s a healthy alternative and a trusted friend has had success.

About a month and a half ago, I purchased the Young Living Essential Oils starter kit and have tried something new everyday. And in the last few weeks have had some really good successes. Two weeks ago, I had a stomach ache and put peppermint oil on my stomach and I kid you not, less than five minutes later, it felt better.

Last Sunday, I woke up with a stuffed nose and diffused three drops of peppermint oil and less than 10 minutes later, I could breathe again.

Two nights ago, my throat started to feel scratchy so I put some purification oil on my throat and the scratchy feeling went away.

I’ve used my diffuser while teaching yoga to help create a relaxing & uplifting environment (4 drops of peppermint & 7 drops of stress away).

And yesterday, while cooking for Turkey Day my mom burned herself. I applied lavendar to the burn and it helped soothe and lessen the redness with one application.

This stuff really works!

10411056_10152866992848270_4701080377541100305_n 10406600_10152870820363270_4420355824849552110_n

If you are interested in learning more about how oils can help you, click here. Any questions, message 

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