All In Your Thoughts

Yesterday I had to go to Trader Joe’s to pick up my weekly groceries. It was 2 pm on a Sunday and I should have known better – it was a circus. I had my list and couldn’t find four things on it so that meant another stop after waiting through the long lines. I was irritated and wanted it to be quick. Blah Blah Blah, right?

Then I thought back to Henry Kimsey-House’s story at leadership about setting a stake before these mundane activities and how the experience became a gift instead of just tackling something on your to-do list.

So in that moment of thinking this sucks, I set the stake that this, too, would be an adventure & enjoyable.  All I had to do was look up from my phone to see an adorable 1-year-old staring at me and smiling back when I made some silly faces. I made small talk with the mother of the child and before I knew it a cashier from another line called me over. I was so present in this moment and asked her how she was doing not to be polite but out of curiosity. Then complimented her cool wire ring and immediately she put it on my pinkie finger and said, “It’s yours. What a cool way to start the new year.” It was the best way to start the new year.


I could have stayed in my thought of this sucks, i don’t want to be here and the experience would have been that – long, irritating and something to cross off the to-do list. Instead, I got a gift: a moment of connection that reminds me that it truly is all in your thoughts.

What’s your stake?

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2 Responses to All In Your Thoughts

  1. Krista says:

    I love this post! I have been thinking along these lines too…finding happiness in the present and with the small things in life. Rather than being annoyed by traffic yesterday I was singing along to Jock Jams and thinking how awesome it was to hear something that reminded me of a fun senior year of high school. I truly believe that happiness is a choice!

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