That was a Good Day


Hi my friend.

It’s been awhile .. too long. It seems like yesterday you were sitting in my living room and you were teaching me chords so I could learn to play I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And now it will be even longer until I hear your voice again. I pulled out the guitar in your honor a couple nights ago and completely lost it. I haven’t been a good student since you were last over and such a great teacher – so patient, engaging and full of life. I still can’t believe that you are gone. My heart is heavy and confused with all the questions of why. Your life was too short. You still had more jokes to tell, more lives to touch.

There are so many dear memories that I’ll never forget. Remember that time we went to the Hard Lessons concert at the Magic Bag and you thought I was headbanging even though it’s not quite headbanging music and I had passed out from the heat, tearing my meniscus? I know you do. You had such a great heart that I know you felt bad that you didn’t catch me. It became a joke between us. I always enjoyed talking about music with you and hearing you play and sing – you were so talented. I always admired how you wanted to be better.

You were the type of friend that months could go by and we’d pick up like we just saw each other last week. I was so excited that you came to my yoga class this past summer on Belle Isle. It was absolutely gorgeous out and it was really cool to see you try something outside of your comfort zone with a group of people you didn’t know. I am looking at these pictures now as if they would offer up a clue as to why. You were open and rarely didn’t speak your mind. And even as I look at you in the pics below – I know you felt connected to something bigger than yourself that day.

10446141_10152502614138270_7967190794988081952_o 10411339_10152500048633270_117187275332452190_n

You were a good friend, Eric. I wish you knew how loved you were. I’ve been to yoga every night since I found out and practicing at a studio I had never been to before but was drawn back to Ferndale where I feel like we spent most of our time hanging out. I could feel your energy there. And Wednesday night in class, I’m Yours came on and it felt like you were there. It made me smile and not break down for the first time since hearing the news.

I know it’s not easy to ask for help. The thing I’ve learned is that we need to even when we don’t know what we are asking for or who to ask it from. People need people. We need you. And most importantly love you.

RIP Olee.

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