Taking Steps

“Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about one significant life transforming step at a time.”- Tim Storey


Do you sometimes feel like a failure because you aren’t where you thought you’d be at this point in your life? You’ll be happy when you get that new job … or meet the love of your life? Or even after you get through this week at work because of x, y or z? Or you are so focused on that goal that you forget about all the other life happening around it? There’s always something in the way of you living your life out the way you imagined.

I feel like we could all use a little Tim Storey recording on repeat: “Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about one significant life transforming step at a time.”

It’s hard to remember when you feel like it’s all or nothing when it comes to your goal. Don’t get me wrong, the goal is great … the step forward is too.

Tonight was no different. I showed up to teach my weekly class at New Species Crossfit. I had that powerful quote that resonated with me and I weaved it in as the theme.

One of my students came up to me after class and asked about the quote. It was a message they had been receiving all week and was curious why I chose it for class. I shared that I had actually turned on a DVR’ed Super Soul Sunday the night before and this quote really spoke to me. Admittedly, I put more pressure and expectations on myself more than anyone else. This quote reminded me that it’s not about when this happens or that happens, it’s finding the joy and fulfillment in the everyday, single, significant life transforming steps we take in all areas of our life.

Today, it was stepping fully into my purpose and sharing a powerful message and creating connection from it. It’s that reminder that you are enough as you are, moving forward one step at a time and stretching yourself to grow each step of the way.

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