One Year


There are some days I don’t have the right words. Today is one of those days.

The photo above is from the last time I saw you (you took the picture). You were sitting next to me on the couch, sharing your love of the guitar and I just remember being amazed by how patient you were. It was like you were born to be a teacher and even though you are no longer physically here, I think you are still teaching me.

Perspective feels like it can be everything. I wanted to come up with the perfect way to honor you, to honor the last 365 days of living in a world where you are still alive in my mind.
179951_10151044692063270_1455358447_nI went back looking for photos, for memories that may have faded for anything that could make me feel like you were near. I had the original thought that I would go to yoga and find some stillness in this overactive mind and when I got to the studio, realized class was cancelled so I decided to take a walk and just think about you, Eric. I am truly a believer in signs and as I was walking I passed a wind chime, it started making music and felt like that was you saying hi as I passed.

There isn’t anything specific today that is standing out other than missing you. I remember when I moved back, one of the first things we did together was play a round of disc golf. There were so many of these everyday moments of just two friends catching up, sharing life and I miss those moments. Yes, today marks a year but your impact lives on. I love you, Olee.



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