Where’s the Music?

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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent,” – Victor Hugo


So far, 2016 has been filled with a lot of noise. It sounds a lot like you should do this (now), you need to do this (now) and why aren’t you doing this (now)?

And then I spent an evening with four leaders as part of the Cardoner Institute and realized I had pressed pause on the music.

Music for me is the feeling I get not only in my heart but my body when I hear certain songs. It’s the passion of creation and associated with so many different life experiences. Music serves as a structure to get out of my head.

I like spending time in the structure … focusing in on creating events and projects to look forward to and the peak experiences they afford. And then there’s always the now what after it’s over. What I am now questioning is how am I integrating what is happening before rushing into what’s next because it’s never really about this thing after all, is it?

It’s about stretching myself to become the person I need to in order to create whatever it is. And knowing that at each point along the way there is a choice and sometimes the only permission you need is the one you give yourself. There’s a choice to listen to the music (acceptance), pause the music (contemplation), change the music (transition) and create the music (transformation).

What are you choosing?

Currently listening to: Dreams Will Come by Brendan James



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