Day 2: Whole30


Accountability. That’s why I’m posting. Today I just feel tired, which evidently is normal according to the Whole30 timeline.

Today’s plan included:

Breakfast: Whole30 Breakfast Hash. I was making this for breakfast the month before Whole30. It’s tasty, reheats well and you can mix it up by adding a scrambled egg, egg over easy, avocado or some other variation.

Snack (not pictured): Apple with almond butter

Lunch: Balance Bowl. This was another one I tried before Whole30. The flavors (roasted butternut squash, chicken, avocado and the dressing) are incredible and it feels hearty. This will be one of my go-to meals.

Snack (not pictured): Roasted Plantains from Trader Joe’s – never had these before Whole30 and they are amazing. They are so good that I think I’ll have to be careful about not consuming the whole bag.

Dinner: Burger with Turmeric Roasted Sweet Potatoes. I had intention of making the full recipe to the linked Turmeric Roasted Sweet Potatoes + Parsley Tahini Sauce but on the drive home from work, the grocery store parking lot was packed. So I made a slight variation – coconut oil, ground ginger, turmeric and clove. Still tasted good but excited to try the full version next time.



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