Day 8: Whole30

Today I felt the best I’ve felt yet on Whole30. Helped to get more movement in with a quick trip to the gym and yoga with my good friend Court tonight. I also noticed another why for really committing to Whole30. I wasn’t feeling great before taking on this challenge – physically or mentally. My body felt bogged down and my mind all over the place. With losing my brother in October, I think I was looking for something simple to give me structure to start feeling like me again. I do really well DOING, it’s in the BEING that I need to sit with. All this to say, it does start with food and it’s more than the food. It’s in the preparation, the presentation, the enjoyment and the impact. So here’s today’s meal plan:

Breakfast: Because it’s Monday and I prepped the night before by spiralizing the zucchini and baking sweet potato, all I had to do was mix in the avocado sauce and cook up the egg and ta-da, a delicious and beautiful breakfast: The Zucchini Noodle Breakfast Bowl.

Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar & Apple Slices

Lunch: Made up a new recipe last night: Twisted Tuna Salad over a bed of spinach and some roasted plantains. Really good with the plantains – then again pretty much everything tastes good with plantains.

Snack: Celery with Almond Butter

Dinner: Leftovers from last night’s thrown together dish of the Chile Lime Chicken Burger with cauliflower rice and some veggies.

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