Day 12: Whole30


Two full work weeks completed! Today felt easier – not sure why but I’ll take it! I kind of put my food together last minute (even rushing to throw lunch together as I walked out the door this morning). Let’s get right to it – today’s meal plan:

Breakfast: Wanted something other than eggs and yet this one does have eggs in it – the Oatless Oatmeal. I put unsweetened coconut, blueberries and almond slices. I still need to work on the texture as I think I would want it a little thicker next time.

Lunch: I’ve posted this one a couple times this week. I made some minor adjustments, adding more Plainville turkey slices, baking the sweet potato in bigger thinner slices (I like that variation best) with some garlic powder and pink salt. Today I added apple slices – a good combo.

Dinner: I debated on going to the grocery store after yoga and decided to make what I had at home work. I had previously picked up the turkey burgers from Trader Joe’s and decided to heat those up with some peppers and onions. Threw some avocado on there. My acorn squash just has coconut oil and sprinkle of cinnamon. The brussels are just a light garlic powder and pink salt. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best choice.

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