Day 16: Whole30

Today was a decent day. I wasn’t so sure when I woke up because the thought of eating the same breakfast again was not appealing.  I think food prep is really important for success with Whole30 but I’m the type of person that likes to be excited to eat and food prep for one person means eating a meal more than twice unless it freezes well. I like to try different recipes and don’t typically eat the same thing everyday for a week. Even today’s breakfast was only day 3. I know I’m lucky to be able to prepare this food and eat it for as long as it lasts — just noticing what encourages success for me. Here’s today’s meal plan:

Breakfast: Same breakfast as the last two days. Today it was hard to eat. It still tasted good but for whatever reason I just couldn’t eat it anymore. I did. But I didn’t want to! Egg muffin scramble with sweet potatoes – my own creation.

Snack: Apple Pie larabar

Lunch: Second day of the Chili and it tasted even better today. It pairs really well with plantain chips. Here’s the recipe in case you missed it yesterday.

Dinner: Made a new recipe to share with my friend Caryn who was in town tonight. Even more fun with a friend visits that is doing Whole30 so they are totally on board! The Buffalo Chicken Casserole was incredible. It helped mix things up this week. And even made my own ranch! Actually looking forward to eating this one again.


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