Day 11: Whole30

Definitely felt the full moon today. Or maybe that’s just what Day 11 feels like? I’m noticing my energy levels are low these days and my face is noticing the impact of whatever my body is getting rid of. Oh the joy. But my stomach seems happier so that’s progress. Here’s the meal plan from today:

Breakfast: I am still not loving the idea of eggs and yet I made them this morning. Thankfully this recipe doesn’t taste egg-y. It’s the Breakfast Bowl. If you haven’t made it, do yourself a favor and try this.

Snack: Celery with almond butter

Lunch: Same as yesterday but decided to layer up two slices of that Plainville Farms turkey to make up the wraps. They become sturdier and more filling. You can add what you want to it. I had spinach, avocado and sweet potato seasoned with garlic powder.

Snack: Apple Pie Larabar and plantains — too many plantains.

Dinner: I got home a bit later than anticipated so I tried a quick new recipe: Grain Free (Whole30) Oatmeal. I know the goal isn’t to make recipes of your favorites and make them compliant. I don’t even love oatmeal but wanted to expand what I was eating and this one was quick. Basically throw it all in a food processor and add the almond butter and splash of almond or coconut milk and BOOM you’re eating.

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